Healthy poo,
healthy you.


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Parsons Capstone Project

We all talk shit. But why don’t we talk about our shit?

In today’s day and age, with social media taking over our daily functionality, we share almost every aspect of our intimate lives with friends and strangers alike. For some reason though, we draw the line at poop. There’s a stigma when it comes to discussing our BM’s, and I wanted to understand why.

Months of research, prototying, and testing culminated in the creation of 'Dump' - an app that lets you demystify and destigmatize poop.

Your dumps hold certain secrets to your health. What you flush out can not only help you discover yourself, but also help you create patterns that ultimately lead to a better, healthier you. Dump allows you to log, analyze, and share your poops; connect, play, and build relationships; and discover the wonderful and wild world inside your gut. So go ahead get your shit together, already!

Link to final presentation ↗


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