Tiny Miracles:

The sun shines for everyone. Or atleast it should.


Sid Menon | Creative Directior + Head of India
Azra Adenwala | Head of Design
Dhriti Menon | Head of Content
Nimish Joshi | Head of Marketing
Vidhi Parishar | Content + Social Media Lead
Riya Sanyal | Content + Social Media Associate


Rohit Bijoy | Photography
Rajwardhan Patil | Video Editing
Ninoshka Andrade | Video Editing

Tiny Miracles is a social impact organization that's in the business of creating a slightly more just world. Part of that effort is devoted to creating work opportunities for women from vulnerable communities who would otherwise either be underpaid or completely excluded from the work force. 

The other part of that effort is devoted to ensuring unique impact programs (like The Tiny Tassel Hassle and Stories of Her) that equalize power and put power in the hands of those who would otherwise, by accidents of birth, not be entitled to any.

The Tiny Miracles brand identity is bold and playful. We don't indulge pity-parties. We feed-off of the electric energy and tenacity of our women.

In an effort to make impact storytelling more engaging and diverse, our empowerment programs have unique visual universes of their own. We pride ourselves on disrupting this space. We don't always succeed, but we do always put our heart and soul into everything we do because we're fortunate enough to do it for the right reasons.

This page is constantly evolving. Have a look at a snippet of our story and visual universe below. 



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